I’m currently sorting and culling my collection a bit, and will be doing a selloff/trade post (hopefully) in the next week. I also might be selling off some of my customs. So if tjere was something i posted that you really want to own i will be open to offers of money or trades.

TRADE WANT LIST(actual trade post might have more as i think of them):



Hot Wheels: 

-‘70 Toyota Celica(green only)

-’59 chevy sedan delivery (without wheels is fine)

-Johnny Lightning: 

-“Project in Progress” 1950 Chevy Suburban

-“Project in Progress” 1955 Chrysler C-300.

-Boogie Vans.


-Revell lowriders

-Jesse James ‘57 chevy wagon.

-drag slicks and skinny front wheels for gassers.


-True 1/64 Semis, Semi trailers, & other large trucks

-Tow Trucks/Wreckers/Flatbeds

-Whatever else catches my eye. This tends to be cars & trucks from the 40s & 50s, JDM cars from the 90s and earlier, wagons from anytime, campers & camper trailers, tow trucks, semis & other big trucks.

Not much for exotics, muscle cars, or sports cars.