Big things with little cars

Hi,folks. I just want to share some of the stuffs I’m currently working on, sort of. I haven’t been able to get to work properly after moving to the new place. So, no major works for now, just a few minor detailings. And some re-works on past builds. Anyway, here they are.


I just added window mesh, some weathering, and change the wheels on the Charger. Funny how small changes made big difference.

Next up,is the Kaidohouse Z. Again, just a wheelswapand small details,such as the two tone body, lights, and simple skirts.


Ad then the 911 GT3. I started working on it before I moved. When I left it, all I had to do was primer. The most simplest thing took me weeks to finish. 😀😀. And that’s because I now live in the suburbs, far from hardware store. And I only have the chance to go downtown about once every week. And there are also some other too. Can't take all the pictures now. Well, that’s all for now. I hope I can get them done soon.

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