I finally finished my custom Kyosho McLaren F1 GTRs: 1) #01R’s pre-qualifying livery, 2) an LM in Papaya Orange, and 3) #06R from Le Mans 1995. The Harrods decals are from Pattos’s Place; I printed #01R’s decals myself.

I didn’t realize it when I stripped the paint off of these, but the rear-view mirrors and tail lights aren’t diecast, so they melted in the stripper. I had to re-make both on the LM and Harrods GTR with milliput modeling putty, but I think they came out alright.

F1 GTR #01R in 1995 Le Mans Pre-Qualifying Livery.
F1 LM.


F1 GTR #06R in 1995 Le Mans livery.
The new ones fit right in with the rest of my collection.