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Custom 1970 Celica (+ bonus)

I’ve had this one for a while, as I picked it up a few years ago in-store. It’s one of my favorites, though I’m not really into Japanese cars or cars from the 70's. I think this was one of the early modified classic Japanese castings that came out before the craze. The proportions are fantastic, I love the flared arches, and just look at that color and deco! It’s utterly perfect. Well, I’ve always thought so anyway.

But then, I had a hunch. I told myself that it would look even better sitting on some nice rubber tires and no-frills black wheels. So I tried it. And I was right!

Of course, I took the opportunity of having the car disassembled to go ahead and make some other adjustments while I was swapping the wheels.


• shaved the base to accommodate the new axles and wheels and lower it
• black chin spoiler
• yellow inner headlights
• front turn indicators
• taillights
• slight interior touches
• metal side-exhaust



BMW Z4 GT3 wheel swap


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