Recently ‘gave up’ on HW hunting as it had become tedious. Decided it wasn’t worth it to go to the stores and see the same old pegs filled with those fantasy castings while scalpers who have paid the staff to get the good stuff buy up all the good cars to sell at abhorrent prices online. And then there’s today.....

I don’t normally go out shopping on my off days, but today just seemed......different. After breakfast, I stopped by my local toy store to have a gander, and voila, I managed to snag some cars that I thought would’ve been long gone! And they were having a ‘buy 3 free 1’ promotion too! Lucky day for me!

As soon as I saw this Kaido House Custom Z, I had to have it. Love how those steelie wheels work on that beautiful metallic blue body. The paintjob is just so lovely!

I’ll try to post my other cars when I have the time. But right now, just enjoy this custom Z.



Thanks for viewing!