I’m weird. I like to make a simple hobby more complicated. But the fact is this: With cars, I love the details, and I particularly love the fascia. So when I get a cheap casting that needs a bit of detail, I take it as a challenge and an opportunity.

Today, I rose to the challenge.

I started with Agnello Sacrificale, masking off the rear deck lid with a mix of stretchy masking tape and latex Maskol (more on this later.) The goal was to see how the MM silver chrome paint behaves. Satisfied with its performance it was time to move on to the Datsun, a truly underrated casting that just looks spectacular in person.

The tail lights are straight up paint pen, and the exhaust is the chrome paint.

Now look at this:


The headlamps are white paint pen, and the mirrors are in silver chrome enamel. The key to the whole operation? Humbrol Maskol. The gent at the hobby store (support local retail!) recommended it and he was bang on the money. It allowed me to mask around the mirrors, paint them, then re-mask and touch up as needed. It paints on easily, lifts off just as easily with tweezers, and takes the terror out of things.

I think I’m going to stop here and not bother with the mouth. It looks good like this.

Coming soon, the Maverick (going to have to drill it out to do the bumper right) and the M3, which will be a serious challenge.