So this little guy is taking waaay longer than I had hoped. I had a set back with the front axle tube not sitting EXACTLY where I want it. It has to be perfect since it is so low. I had the front tube glued but decided to re-do it. Back to work with the dremel!!

In the mean time, I robbed the wheels from some really old cars I had and mocked them up for fun on the A100.....DEM GOLD BBSs’ THO!!


I have made some progress and took the dremel to the body to make room for the rear wheels to fit up in the body yet stay pushed outward. I also cut off the center post which was not needed due to so many chassis changes!

As you can see above, there is literally no chassis!!! The bumpers are all that is left. Some pieces will go back in but not many.


Here I have glued the newly RAISED bed floor to the body and then a wheel-holding section of the chassis to the bed floor!! Turned out great!

I hope to have this little guy on all 4 wheels by Friday so stay tuned!!

Part 1 HERE!