I posted these two a little while ago on Instagram. Since they made it to their new home, I thought I’d share some pics here too. Both started out as the red 2016 SRT Challenger and Charger releases. I don’t have any before pics but I’m pretty sure you all know the cars I’m talking about.

Here’s some pics of the project.

Castings stripped, filed, and scuffed up. Ready for primer. Surface prep is a VERY important step.
Painted black and the first coat of clear. Looks like CRAP... I think it was the humidity.
Let’s try this again... I will NEVER us a product other than Klean Strip Aircraft Paint Remover.
There we go. The clear laid down MUCH better this time.
Decals, decals, decals. Charger driver side still to go. Oh, and another Hellcat relative showed up to say ‘HI’.


Went with the ‘Sepia’ interior. The seats, dash, and misc other details were painted black after this pic.
Charger Plate: 202 MPH Challenger Plate: 707HP
Air intake was drilled out on the Challenger.


The requester wanted the standard wheels to remain.
Oh, the Charger taillight is a decal I made too. I can’t paint that fine, that small. ;)

Hope you liked. Thanks for looking. :)