I don’t know how long ago I got this going, but it’s finally here. The F1's the headliner here, but I got that P1 to match. Basically, after spending way too much time being frustrated with Mattel for not producing a Mclaren anything in Papaya orange, I took matters into my own hands and enlisted the help of cars4marc and Nate13 to not only make the two in the colors, but get myself a road-going F1 to go along with my own F1 LM. Nate13 did the body scultping, and Marc handled the painting. I provided and drilled out the castings, swapped the wheels, and painted a bit of the base for the F1. Had to make a small mod to the front of the base too even after Nate was done with it. This was such an awesome project and it’s great to see it done. And obviously I’m super grateful to Nate and Marc for helping out. This is what make LaLD so freaking amazing. The people are here too good this world, much less this cesspit called the internet.

Really wish they made those classic 5 spokes in light gray. They’re the closest to the F1's actual rims.

The bit of the base there under the beautifully-done taillights it what I pained. The rest of the base is gray.


The P1 is the simpler of the two. Mainly because it needed no body mods, but also there wasn’t as much stuff that needed detail in paint, either.


So that Car Culture P1 wasn’t as close to the iconic Papaya orange as we thought. Not that that’s an issue since those stupid graphics ruined it anyway. And those rims. Eugh.


The Gran Turismo F1 is another story, though. And my god does my F1 LM look good with it’s new partner.

Thanks a ton again Marc and Nate. I owe you two.