Big things with little cars

CUSTOM: Hachi-Roku, Part 2

Now, time for paint:

I first attempted to do some color blending with spray cans. This was the base coat. It was followed by a light dusting of metallic silver. The end result wasn’t what I expected, so I switched straight metallic silver.


The beginnings of masking. Hot Wheels cars are interesting to mask. It’s even more interesting when your tape is wider than the car.

After trimming the tape, I had to clean up the edges (more than is pictured). I will probably still need to do some touch-up.


Finally, it was time for more painting. I used a can of Testors Enamel Gloss Black, and thought the paint looked pretty good. It wasn’t until I brought the car inside and put it under a bright lamp that I realized how awesome it looks. I remember reading on LaLD recently about someone using enamel paints, but now I’m sold.


It’s going to be a difficult wait to finally peel the tape off.

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