I love customising anything in 1:64 scale and have watched my passion for collecting dissolve away with the opening of blisters and protectors to access wheels and parts.... and WOOT to that I say #SetThemFree and all ;)

(an example of Shits & Giggles fun that led to greatness - more on this shortly)

You’ve Seen My Work But Have You Met My Inspiration?

Some of the wildest creations I make all start with a little help from my good friends Shits & Giggles - or S&G for short ;)

Shits & Giggles is without doubt the best way to play custom hot wheels as it allows your creativity to run wild and removes any of that “Common Sense” and logic that always gets in the way and RUINS EVERYTHING!

What I wanted to do today was share some of these shits and Giggles ideas and in so doing provide a glimpse into the warped mind of a customiser.....

Enter at your own risk - and be sure to shut the door on your way out - it gets awfully drafty in here.


Shits & Giggles Concepts

Some of these concepts have since been made into customs, others are still at the initial concept stage - but NONE of them have been forgotten and (hopefully) you will see all these creations in the completed flesh at some point soon.

MY WILLY! The Piss-Take on the Pedal-Car

It all started with a meme actually...


But soon became a reality...

Hey this is pretty cool! - and so I did what any good Cobra Do-Jo member would do and I “Finished Him!” (Karate Kid Reference FTW!!)


Matte black paint and neon green painted dragway real riders and I was happy with the elegant simplicity of it. So badass too :D

But because I am easily entertained I decided to add a story - because as it happened this Skeletor dude was the most impatient bastard ever. he did love his pedal car though - not sure he needed to actually say the word pedal as he went along but whatever floats your boat I guess ;)


So Much Work For a Pun?!!?!

I love puns - and in response to the above (rhetorical) question I say there is never too much work when it comes to puns! Puns rock. end of arguement.


So I’m looking at the Lamborghini Urus and thinking to myself how dreadfully horrible that name is. It honestly sounds like something you go to your Dr about.

“Hi doc, I think I have an enflamed Urus and it hurts to ....wee?” Exactly!

And then the pun came.....Imagine they made a pickup (Ute) version of the URUS?! The name would be hysterical but imagine the marketing campaigns:

“Drive the New Lamborghini Ute-Urus. It’s like being born again” or “The New Lamborghini Ute-Urus - performance plus and plenty of womb for the whole family”


GOLD!!!! And so here is my custom Pun (well as much as I was seriously willing to make at the time LOL)


Tankers and Tow-Trucks

Both these concept ideas are currently in the WIP stage and are well and truly on their way to being completed. I reckon they both have potential - especially the tanker. Damn Alex you did good here :D


Halloween Special

I put this Shits & Giggles custom together for Halloween but never got around to making it. The funny thing is that all the parts in the photo are just sitting there and no modifications were done at all. Pic turned out so well I never bothered actually making this thing.....*The skeleton has since moved to the Willy’s pedal car and is having way too much fun to want to get back in this thing anyway ;)



I also discovered a neat trick that is great for seeing how your custom would look in other colours. Change the HUE ;) - funnily enough I actually had people commenting on how much they loved the blue, or the green - or whatever LOL

Other Random Creations

There are too many other random Shits & Giggles creations to list so I will simply share a few more here....Keep a special eye out because a couple of these have since been made - and dare I say it - I absolutely nailed them!!!!


mwuahahaahahaah. Enjoy - and again, please remember to shut the door on your way out [of my head]

Bone Shaker Something something...


33 Cord What?!

Custom Chevy Pickup - has since been completed ;)


I absolutely LOVE this casting. Kool Kombi indeed...

Now THIS is badass! Have done a lot more work to this (there’s a lot of cutting and grinding going on under the hood) and is well on its way to being completed. Stay tuned for the Radio Flyer Rat Rod


More Boneshaker badassery - this one became known as the Rocket Shaker - Half Rocket Oil Special and Half Bone Shaker. If you haven’t seen the finished product be sure to check it out HERE


And Last but not least, here’s a little something I threw together and ....am I allowed to LOVE my own creations this much? ....I loved the concept so much I basically stopped everything else until it was complete....but you’ll have to wait to see the finished product....or just look on any other social media platform LOL ;)

At first I was like...


and then I was like ... !

And then..... “NO AND THEN!”

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