[CUSTOM] Kylo Ren's Lego Command Shuttle

Ok so this inst really a diecast custom but what the heck. After seeing Phillips little Tie Fighter post I figured some of you might like this. I’m a customizer at heart and when I think I can improve on something to make it look better, now matter what it is, I’m go to customize it. So I ended up picking up the LEGO Star Wars Kylo Ren Command Shuttle after Christmas. Its a pretty good set overall but it lacks some some the awesome things from the movie version, most notably, wings that fold down. The original model is put together in such a way that the wings just stay upright all the time. Well that sucks, and to be honest the front of the ship really lacked any character whatsoever so I ended up redoing the entire front of the shuttle to give it a more menacing look similar to how it appears in the movie.

The finished product is so much better now and with the wings unfolded this model is massive. Well over 3 feet when the wings are spread out.

So enjoy.


The table this it is sitting on is 4' across, with the wings extended and folded down this shuttle is massive.

This front end looks so much more menacing.


The little engines on both side are pull out pins that let the wings fold down and lock them in place while they are up


I also changed the engine to a black instead of gray.


Wing hinges when they are fully open.

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