I pick up this little beauty in a lot a few months ago. The paint was badly damaged, there were no rubber tires on original wheels and it was missing the back door/ramp. At first I was just going to do a straight up restoration of it, replacing the tires, the ramp/door and repainting and redoing the original decals. A few weeks after I acquired this one I found another one on ebay and it was in very excellent condition so the restoration of the original one turned into a custom. I love all things Ferrari, especially the old Lesney Ferrari 156 castings I have few of thos 156's in my collection so I figured why no make a Ferrari hauler. I ended up scrapping the old wheels and found a pair off of one of the W2 Haulers that fit this hauler perfectly, I also ended up fabricating my own rear door/ramp out of styrene instead of buying one off of ebay. A simple red paint job and some interior paint finished it off. Now I have my own hauler for Ferrari race cars. I also loved this custom so much I decided to try out a new photography angle as well using my back yard as the backdrop.