Help! I've been bitten by the modding bug! I'm finished with my first ever custom, my smart city coupe cabrio. It's not purrrfect, but I still love it.

Since the last post, I:

- Snipped the axles short, then glued the wheels to them (I knew the car wouldn't free wheel anymore, and that was okay to me).

- Added a towing hitch.

Lessons I learned:

- Snipping the axles works wonderfully, just I'm not sure of what kind of adhesive to use to glue the wheels back on. Alternatively, I can try the brass tube thing. Due to my OCD-ness with superglue, the smart's wheels do not move. I'm actually okay with that since it's just going to be displayed anyway.


- A smaller drill would have been better.

On to the pictures!



Donor vehicle for the towing hitch (Maisto Doge Dakota).


Restomod: Maisto BMW 850i


Restomod: MBX Chevrolet Silverado (I'm purty sure some kid ruined it long ago)