I certainly did not expect to see this on the pegs when i walked into the aisle at my local Walmart. I had found this one behind a good amount of cars and i just knew that i had to get it. It was a car that i knew had a really high resale value so it wouldent really be worth buying again. I am guessing that the employees had just restocked because they left a box with a couple of cars in it on the shelf below. I had taken this and the Honda City Turbo II (the car that is my profile picture). I took it out of the package and took a good look at the details. It is an amazing casting, really. Just one problem. The taillight decals SUCK!!!!. They really do. Take a look at the rear end of a real GTR

What a work of art.

Anyway I got to work as soon as possible. the first thing i did was tear out the front seats to replace them with some more realistic looking bucket seats. I had quite a few problems with fitting it back in the car because i accidently broke the whole interior peice in half. i made short work of it by using a peice of plastic and gluing both peices on to the plastic. i used dental floss as the racing harnesses. I put the car back together with no trouble after sanding the top of the seats to fit in the car, but that was no problem. Next i put a stack of staples with a waterslide decal for a Greddy intercooler. I tried using mesh to make the grill cover thingy,but I got rid of it cause it looked bad. The last step was paint. I used a new paint that have. The paint i used was Testors One coat laquer. The color is called Deja Blue. At this point i still have not found the right wheels for this build yet. For the pictures i just threw on a set so that i could show you guys the car. Please let me know how you feel about this one.

Look at my fantastic detail job. lol nope
EEEEWWW the poke!!! I hate when that happens


I will make a post when i am done with the car so that you can see the finished product.