There are a few issues with this one. First of all it’s HO scale so finding wheels that fit (10 wheels) will be a chore.

These wheels don’t fit at all. It needs another coat of green but the paint can sputtered on the back of the cab... It’ll be stripping over night.

Not sure if you can even see the lumpy paint, but with only one coat on there it would be silly to not start over.


This casting is fantastic. You can tell it was actually carved by hand. So many tiny imperfections that just add tons of character.

On to the trailer.


The sticker residue should come off with soap and water. Great detail in the plastic trailer.

Rear doors open. It even comes apart very easily.


Hopefully it’ll get finished early next week.

My 4 doorLorean got taken apart last night.


I shortened it just a hair. Then reattached it without the front and rear touching the table. I think that’s what threw it out of alignment last time.

Lastly we have an accidental project. A HW 55 Chevy without any detail cast into the sides. With these Muscle Machines drag wheels it screams funny car.


Might have to finally invest in some decals.

As always, thanks for checkin out my stuff