Enlarge to show texture.

I added a custom splitter to this Viper to fill in the gap left by its upturned chin.
Also painted the spoiler, painted the darker area on the rear, the taillights, and black in the deep recesses (which can't really be seen here).

For instance, the deep recess just in front of the door got hit with black to make it appear deeper and open like on the real car. You can see a little of this effect on the outside of the taillights. I just dropped some black down in those deep pockets.

I'm not a big Mustang or Camaro fan but I couldn't resist these guys. They look so cool together! And with a little detailing they really come alive.

Front lights, rear lights, Viper's wing, exhaust tips, orange vanes on the rear diffuser of the Viper, Mustang's mirrors, a little black in the Viper and Camaro's hood vents.


Oh, and I'm especially proud of the grill logo on the Mustang (the snake) and on the Camaro, and the rear logo on the Mustang.

This Mustang and Camaro look so cool with the added details that they're now some of my favorites! Perhaps I should open them up and detail the interiors too?


This has the same details you've seen most guys do on this casting. I started by dropping some watered-down black into all the recessed areas of the grill.

I also did the fender flares black. And you can't see it here, but from the rear I accentuated the spoiler by putting some black under it. There's a pretty deep recess under the wing that sucks the paint right into it.


Headlights, kidneys, taillights.


I think I should've titled this post "Recess" since I've used that word so many times.