Just pictures of some progress.

Warhol M1 Procar update:

These will not be the final wheels either. They’re actually accurate, because the Procar uses BBS mesh(in silver) under those aero covers this one is so famous for. Considering making my own covers haha.

Sry about photo quality on this one.

Here’s the safari Porsche progress. I changed wheels, I like the size of these better. The MBX off-road wheels were too big I think. I need to sand the primer, then I can add body color. I’m building a full custom interior too. I’ll leave to body unattached on this because of the detail and the rear trellis is freaking cool. Need to fix the height, rear is a bit too high and front is too low. Needs some front lights too for that hood pod. Suggestions welcome!



And here’s a wheel swap FD that I love. Very little work needed because it’s gorgeous! More pics of this later when I have some lightbox time!