Boy do I have a treat for you, I got a beautiful GTI, which was originally a Euro style VW, graciously donated by Group44Fan.

While I thought about keeping it, as I loved the blue, I couldn’t help but strip it down and paint it my favorite shade of blue.


Ironically, I have about 2 dozen full blown customs done (already!!!) but of the 4 I posted to oppo, 3 of them have been the same shade of blue.

I swear, I have other colors haha.

And This is the first custom where I actually think I prefectly got the Headlights.


Shame of it is I got a spot of yellow on the driver side, and I didnt notice until after I clearcoated. So I ignored that side from the pictures... I might go back and touch it up, but I’m worried about it looking bad on top of the clearcoat.