Customizers! Last Round of Free Loose Cars

This is it; after this round, the cars not chosen go to my sister’s pre-school classroom(s). First come, first serve, you pay the shipping, I send to you.

Off Brand BMWs
VWs and a couple of Audis.
Taildragger chorus line...
Porsches 1...
Porsches 2
Misc front rows.
Misc back rows.
Dude, I think those are Lambos...
Three Cadillacs hiding amongst the Ferraris... 
F Bodies 1
F Bodies 2
Corvettes, The Playart Vette has a broken rear bumper, the top left one has no rear bumper piece, and the Road Champs lost an A Pillar.

That’s it. I’ve been through every box of unsorted flea side cars. When the dust has settled, I’ll be sending out the shipping totals to all of you who have picked anything from the previous posts and this one..
Thanks for your help in making room in my basement.

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