One way to get back on your feet after a rough week namely losing a beloved pet after 14 years is to get back at something that takes your mind off the sad and concentrate on the good.

Finally got back to work on the VW camper van custom

The first WIP photo:

The rough stage of getting it to look right and making sure the side door works.

Fast forward a month later:


The tampos were removed and a point of no return of having to cut the front wall off so the cab and box could sit flush and look more like the example I’ve seen were the two sections are made one like a regular RV.

A few minutes after the first round of JB weld quick:


It was time to do the inside and work on the inside of it. Now it’s almost finished needs some clan up work but pleased how it turned out and so happy the one detail I was able to keep was the opening door.


This one is for you lil girl my inspiration to keep going even after your gone!