Near the end of last year 2016 I found a seller on the sidewalk offering used diecast metal cars, I decided to buy the model that I show below, I bought it for 25 cents, and I liked my new acquisition.
Apart from that I have no idea which model it is, I kindly ask you for your guidance and ideas on the correct way to restore it and decorating option. I´ll share some pics with you.

For example I would like to know if before applying the final paint is necessary a primer to improve the adhesion of the enamel, and which type of enamel is the most convenient.

These are the internal conditions


Years ago I used to use Revell decals to put them on the diecast metal models, is it a good idea still? 


And how could I put some kind of suspension for the wheels

I thank in advance for the guidance and advice you can give me. Cheers!