Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Dad, WTH Did You Buy!?

Don’t worry, I know the LaLD Car Week rule: only one Car Week post per day. Which is why this isn’t a Car Week post, but a teaser on what will be featured next week.

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Now, Aurora the husky and the shop mascot is a pretty brave pup. She even scared off a bear one time on a camping trip, she is also never deterred by any car that shows up to the shop no matter how many cylinders or how loud the cars are. Her owner owns a fleet of high-end cars most in the 7 figures range so she seen them all, but this is the first time a vehicle ever frightens her. Her owner on the other hand has a very different reaction, grinning from ear to ear in excitement for the arrival of his new purchase. He could’ve driven it, but he is federally restricted to drive it a limited number of miles annually and he want every mile with this thing to count and decided to haul it and that was a laborious task itself. What is it?

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