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das Fledermausauto

As I’m rediscovering both my diecast and hobbyist roots, I thought I’d ease into customizing. The mainline BMW 3.0 CSL seemed like a great place to start. Hot Wheels does great work with BMW castings, but they’re weirdly lazy about the front fascia. Between the kidney grille and the double-eye headlights, I feel like they’re not really giving us the BMW experience.

Regrettably, I didn’t take a before photo. The problem is they left the inner lobes of the kidney grille white, and left the headlights as an unpainted part of the dark clear sections. So I had a go with a couple Sharpies.


I goofed a little on the left side, and my white paint pen isn’t here yet. I’ll give it a dab when it arrives. Still, race cars get messy.

Overall, I think this captures the character of a BMW a little better than stock. What say you all?

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