Just picked up the 9-Pack Exclusive off EBay earlier this week and decided to get a picture of all my Datsun 620s together. (I realized later that if that 9-pack had even 4 other cars I was ready to open, it would’ve been cheaper.)

It’s one of the only castings where I have all the colors and I use it more or less to mark my Hot Wheels collecting. The blue 620 was the first K-Day I went to. I also noticed this theme that Hot Wheels does with the third recolor of their castings in that they replace it with some awful wheels. The red Datsun doesn’t have 5-Spokes like the rest of them and instead has these gross orange tipped ones.

In case anyone was interested, the other ones I tried to collect all the recolors of is the McLaren P1, BMW M4 (not excited for the gross wheels on the red color), the E30 M3.

I also have all the colors of the LaFerrari I guess. ALL TWO BEFORE THEY LOST THEIR LICENSE.