DB5s in Progress

Sorry guys, I couldn’t come up with a snazzy headline, but here are some WIP Aston Martin DB5s!

Also a future fender-deleted Mazda RX-3 for you keen observers.

The Radford Shooting Brake has been on my bench for a loooong time as some of you may remember. Well, the other day I prepared to finally paint it, as it had been sitting in primer for a good bit, and then proceeded to drop it on the garage floor, prompting a roof repair. The good news is that I think it came out cleaner than it was before The Drop, so there is that. Side note: Superglue is an AMAZING filler!


I was going to paint it a metallic dark blue. Any objections?

Then there is this bad girl, which got a bumper delete to be more like the amazing DB5 racers that I keep gawking at online. Last week I painted her this deep hue, and last night I gave her some tail lights and lucious red lips. It’ll get some race day meatballs, headlights, and a detailed interior, and sit on some red Minilites to match the lips. I’m excited for this one!!


Happy Wednesday, errbody!

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