Remember my last deAgostini HAWL when I got a Gurgel X-12 TR with the wrong base? I asked for a replacement and guess what, they sent me another Gurgel X-12 TR with the wrong base! So, another replacement is coming. The rest of the HAWL, however, came all right, and it’s amazing!

The Gurgel Carajas was the biggest Gurgel, built over a VW Kombi chassis, and an incredible offroader.

The Willys Interlagos is the Willys do Brasil version of the Alpine A110. As far as I know there are only 3 or 5 convertible ones, and they’re amazing. This crappy night photo doesn’t do it any justice.

Finally, the Renault 1093, before it started being produced in Brazil and called Gordini (or Renault Teimoso - stubborn in portuguese). I thought it had a defect, but I checked online and it indeed had a small step on the back door.


They chose the wrong person to mess with. I’ll ask for replacements until I got this right. Who’s throwing away money with postage costs are they. This morning I told them by phone that I have no problem in asking for 50 replacements until I get a correct base, but it’s them who are paying for postage prices.