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December Arrivals

So here we have black Friday through todays pickups. I still have a couple of big purchases to roundout the year but I dont expect them until mid January. As a matter of fact the top 2 of my 10 in 2018 have yet to arrive. Its been a very good month for me. I was able to cross off a few big items.


Two of the biggest finds would have to be the green 912 and Mr Ks Vol 1 datsun 510. Ive been after this 912 for many moons. It was amazing to snag one for half the usual sale price.

Next up we have my first TLV 1/43s. I wish they woulsld expand the 1/43 selections. I may need to track down a few more of them to add to the collection. If you havent picked up a TLV truck yet I highly advise tracking one down. I managed to snag this trio in the Japan Booster damage box sale. I saved a few bucks and got some great additions.


Some fun Japanese radio cars also come courtesy of Japan Booster. My collection branched off to radio liveries so they were a must have when markes down on black Friday.


I did have a Tomica Limited sneak into my hawl this month. This is one thing I picked up based purely on the packaging. The casting is great but the book really makes it special. Its filled with tons of great fairlady pictures. Another highlight in the Machine RS-3. I know have 2 of the 3 releases in this R30. Hopefully I can scoop up the missing one in 2019.

It was quite a finish to 2018. I had to go out with a bang as I expect to have to slow down with the new arrival. Stay tuned for the TLV grail box thats on the way. 

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