Second idea for my custom Drag Bus!!! Just to recap, I won an auction and bought this beauty for $10

A pristine Drag Bus to work on as a white canvas. My idea is to customize it as a racing VW bus sponsored by the Delirium beer, with a paint scheme which remembers the characteristic bottle and label:

The first idea I had was this scheme

After discussing in the comments section, another idea arose. The bottle label has a small black stripe, separing the blue label from the white glass. So I got the idea for this second scheme


The blue should had come like the other... I liked this scheme more than the first. It looks more close to a racing car than the first, but I've got a problem with the decals. I want to put the pink elephant, the strolling alligator (you can see it better in the high res pic of the bottle below) and a racing number somewhere. I want to keep that "Delirium Racing" decal there, though.

Now it's your turn! I need better places to the decals. I want to create a theme related to the beer, so I'm trying to get inspiration from other classic racing liveries, like Martini, Gulf and Jägermeister.


What the model need to have:

- Metallic blue and pearlscent white paint scheme, with a possible black stripe;

- "Delirium Racing" decal;

- Pink elephant decal

What can go be left out:

- Strolling alligator;

- Racing number

What I want to put there but couldn't imagine yet how to do:

- Other racing elements

Any thought is welcome! If your idea doesn't make it to the final model, it probably will inspire other customs! In the previous post we discussed a beer-themed custom, with an yellow and white paint scheme, where I'll apply lot's of white paint and then dry it with a sponge to create a foam-like effect.


I plan this to be a "free crowdsourced custom". Free in the sense you don't pay anything (unlike those failed kickstarter games), and crowdsourced in the sense you all will help me with this!

For reference, here is a high-res pic of the bottle