I just found this over on T-Hunted. The DeLorean DMC-12, which was shown on a slide at the recent HW Nationals in Lexington, will be getting the Super Treasure Hunt treatment.

Which is very fitting, given the retro inspiration for the paint scheme. If you looked closely at the slide shown there, you’d notice that the paintjob, inspired by the Turismo casting, (which was originally supposed to be a casting of the DeLorean in the 80’s, but was denied by DeLorean Motor Company, after Mattel started development based on a verbal okay from the company) lacks the striping on the hood and roof that Turismo had.

[Image Source]

[Image Source]

Now we know why. Those stripes are reserved for the STH variant.


So, what do you guys think about this one? A fitting tribute to a classic casting? A great look at what could’ve been? A bit of both? Or is it a bit too much?