DeTomaso Pantera Restoration

Here’s a fun little project I finished over the weekend. This is a Summer DeTomaso Pantera I’ve had laying around for years.


I’ve always loved the body shape of the Pantera, but the original paint and wheels left a lot to be desired. I also wasn’t a fan of the chrome base and interior. So I tore this thing apart and spruced it up a little. I went for a color change, as I had a bottle of light metallic blue Tamiya paint. This color seemed right for the project because it’d contrast the base, which I painted black. I also painted the interior black. Wheels came from a Matchbox London Taxi, which I also cannibalized the dashboard from. While the dashboard is hard to see, it prevents you from being able to look through the wheel wells from the windshield. The finishing touches were to polish the glass and paint in the indicators and taillights.

New dashboard barely visible.

All in all it was a great car to mess around with. With this experience under my belt, I’ll give my Summer BMW CSL and Porsche 917 some TLC soon.

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