What’s scarier than seeing the price tag of a vintage Mopar? A vintage Mopar sent by the devil himself to destroy mankind. Enter: Christine.

Back in 1983, the ah, inferno red 1958 Plymouth Fury hit the silver screen and became a cult hit — which of course eventually meant toy licensing. The car has been released in many variations and scales over the years, but one of the best is AutoWorld’s 1/64 scale variant.

I have been searching for a while to collect a nice amount of not only the Christine version, but also the only factory-accurate color the Fury was really produced in, buckskin beige (or what everyone really calls it: tan).

I basically have enough cars to recreate the intro scene where Christine comes rolling down the assembly line, and will be trying my first ever 1/64 scale video. I haven’t done a lot of scale video — although I do a fair amount in “real” life. Here’s a link to my LS Fest video that I did for GM EFI magazine

While the Christine video is still in progress, I have one single iPhone pic of the “behind the scenes” action, just as a teaser. The whole video should be done this week though!