As I sit here, I'm looking at a Citroen DS on eBay for 20 dollars. I want one real bad. It would have cost me 1 dollar when it was new. Granted this particular model has come down in value to a reasonable 3 bucks but the point still stands, I could've had it for a buck. I wasn't collecting back when it came out. In fact, most of the models that I want came out when I wasn't collecting. I've been lucky to score a few of them through HWEPs with other LALD members, my Nissan Cube from Jeff Simmons and an R32 Skyline from Roundbadge jump to mind, but in general most of the cars that I'm seeking came out before I was into Hot Wheels. The models that have come out since just don't seem to have been as fantastic. Yea the Matchbox Mustang SSP is cool and I couldn't be more excited for the upcoming 180SX but otherwise all the models coming soon are pretty eh to me. Yet I'm constantly looking for the older MBX Metro Rides cars, like this Smart!

It makes me wonder if I missed the period where diecast cars that I would want real bad have passed by and now it's just one or two cars that really grab my attention each year.