Big things with little cars

Did someone say Porsche?

How could I not post this? This is the halo car of my collection, and my favorite car of all time. Of course I had to post it.


Right now, I am currently away at college getting an education to get a good job so I can eventually afford one of my own! But the 1:18 version is at home, so I sadly don’t have any new pictures for you guys. But I have some photoshopped pictures I don’t think I’ve shown off.

I haven’t quiet figured out the spec I want, but I am a big fan of the press car version in silver with the white gold rims.


This is 1:18 scale, made by Spark. It’s one of the limited run of 1911 (this one is #0614). Well, at least in this version. Spark also made it in Guards Red, Matt Black, and Yellow (all of which also have a run of 1911). But this is the only non-weissach package, which is why it lacks the double stripe.

Which is a shame, but still my Favorite version offered by Spark.


This is a sealed resin model- so no opening parts. And I’ll be honest, I’m okay with that. Makes upkeep so much easier.

Anyway, I can’t wait for the rest of the weeks posts. And I hope during thanksgiving break I’ll be able to grab some belated Rennsport Pictures of it ;)


EDIT: So for whatever reason the time stamp was set for 3:30PM, when I really posted it at 11:00PM Last Night. I changed it so that people could actually see it. Not sure if that’s against the rules or not...

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