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*In reference to what I thought was an error, CyborgAbeLincoln and blu240 both, kindly corrected me and pointed out that the number 366 on the hood refers to the number of days in a leap year, and not the c.i.d. of the engine, 396. The fog of confusion lifts and is replaced with the veil of embarrassment. Maybe I need a vacation. I am going to leave the original text up so maybe your March will start with a bit of a laugh, but I do hope you enjoy the pics anyway. I am still striking through the crap text, though.*

As I had alluded to in my earlier post, I found the Rare, VVHTF, Leap Year ‘67 Chevelle SS 396. Did you find one? If so, congratulations! You own a factory error car! More on that in a moment.


I was stoked to have found one of these. And it was the only one on the bin. I had seen this car on YouTube unboxings (Lamley found 4 or 5 in his 72 car F case) and I thought it looked really good.

The graphics really make it look like a NASCAR racer from that era and the Primer Grey color makes them pop!


Well-placed sponsor logos and just the right amount of everything. It reminds me of the Primer Grey Chevy Bel Air Gasser.


The Leap Year text in classic racing font is a nice touch as is the way they incorporated the date into the racing number.

So why is this a factory error car? Did you see it already or did you miss it like most everyone did? Unlike the F&F Gran(d) Torino that nobody caught when I went looking on eBay, there was one intrepid seller out there that had his Leap Year Chevelle SS 396 listed as an error. There was another one that had a chrome front wheel, but that’s not it. This error is, once again, purely a miss in the Mattel QC department. Here it is. *Nice to see I’m not the only one spreading this misinformation.*

*Yeah, number of days in the year*

Yep! Your Chevelle has lost a little displacement according to the hood. I can absolutely see why this would be missed, though. Flip a 9 over and you get 6. The artist was probably so excited, he or she missed it as well. QC obviously missed it. I never noticed it in all the videos I saw it in. Crazy times in the HW drawing boards. Hey! At least they got the date right. *And everything else.*


So, unless I am unaware of a hidden meaning to 366, (*I am, apparently*) you, that possess this cast, have an error car, too. :) *Yep, you have a car*

Thanks for looking and happy hunting! *And thanks again to Cyborg and blu240 for straightening me out!*

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