Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

Did you know LaLD is on YouTube?

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That’s right LaLDers, we have our very own Youtube channel.

It’s in its infancy state at the moment, but there is still a couple rad videos on there right now for you to watch.


Awesome racing!

Also, some official LaLD Institute for Diecast Safety testing videos.

Do you, our awesome authors, have any ideas on where to take the channel?

Do you, our rad sauce authors, have any videos you’d like us to upload on the channel?


E-mail it to any of the mods (Ryan, Jeff, BJ, Uly, Scott, or Philip) and we will upload it :]

CLICK HERE <—— To visit LaLD’s Official YouTube channel

If you are so kind as to clicking the Subscribe button while there, we’d appreciate it :]


Viva La LaLD!!!!!!!!

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