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Diecast 101: HW Heritage Series

So the new heritage series has been being found by a few people so far and it seems we all totally forgot about it. Well I figured I would just make a quick post about what it is and what to look for.

(All information taken straight from the Hot Wheels site linked here)

First off, what’s the deal with this series? Why does it even exist? Well Hot Wheels have been releasing premium lines for some time now, and this is its current iteration. Previously we have had the boulevard series and most recently, the Cool Classics line. I for one was quite sad to see it go. The spectrafrost paint jobs alone were worth the premium price.


Just look at these two!

Anywho, apparently they weren’t selling too well (until the last batch that was near-impossible to find for me at least) so Hot Wheels changed it up and has decided to release a new Heritage Line reminiscent of the original redlines (first appeared in 1967) and real-riders (first appeared in 1983) .


So now we will be getting either real-riders, or redlines with each batch.

You’ve probably seen the hawl posts where some of our members found the new cars, but here’s what the cards look like:


Also here’s the current list of cars to be released:

Mix 1 (Real Riders):

  • Altered Ego
  • Bubble Gunner
  • Custom Chevy Greenbrier Sports Wagon (New tool!)
  • Datsun 240Z
  • Datsun Bluebird 510
  • Hare Splitter

Mix 2 (Redlines):

  • ’49 Ford F1
  • ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser
  • ’68 Dodge Dart
  • ’70 Chevelle SS Wagon
  • Copper Stopper
  • Nissan Skyline HT 2000GT-X
  • Estimated availability: July 2015

Mix 3 (Real Riders):

  • ’56 Flashsider
  • ’71 Plymouth Satellite
  • ’07 Chevy Silverado Off-Road
  • Backwoods Bomb
  • BMW 2002
  • Ford Transit MK1 Supervan (New tool!)

Mix 4 (Redlines):

  • ’56 Custom Ford Pickup
  • ’69 Mercury Cyclone
  • ’70 Camaro Z28
  • ’84 Mustang SVO
  • Bone Shaker
  • Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R
  • Estimated availability: November 2015

Mix 5 (Real Riders):

  • ’68 Olds Cutlass Convertible
  • ’69 Chevy Camaro Coupe
  • Aston Martin 1963 DB5
  • Neet Streeter
  • Porsche 917K
  • Texas Drive ’Em

Mix 6 (Redlines):

  • ’64 Chevy Nova Wagon
  • Chevy Blazer 4×4
  • Corvette C6R
  • Custom ’66 GTO Wagon
  • Long Gone
  • Mig Rig
  • Estimated availability: March 2016

I for one am most excited for that 917K on real riders! But the whole list looks epic!


The JDM stuff will surely be hard to find...


Happy Hunting!

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