Got my offical LaLD stickers in the mail yesterday and a few others, since the stickers get cheaper if you order more. The sunglasses dude at the bottom is apparently a freebie (the LEGO set is my daughter’s once she saves up a few more bucks).

My laptop (aka, main LaLD-browsing device) is now purty:

A good chunk of my time lately has been occupied with attempting to figure out the wiring in my house so that I can run some new wiring. During that process, I decided I needed a scope for looking inside the walls (I had to drill a bunch of holes in one wall to find a plastered-over junction box). So I ordered this from Amazon and that also arrived yesterday. It ain’t that fancy (640x480), but it was cheap and it works. So then I got to thinking about other applications.

That’s the inside of my Maisto C2 Corvette. I was just using the built-in LED’s on the camera for illumination. It ain’t that great, but it works.


I wanted to try a “driver’s-eye view”. The only way to get it in the right position was to use the right angle mirror doohickey. That didn’t work so well:


Most of that distortion is from the windshield. My kitchen isn’t usually that non-Euclidean.

So it’s not going to revolutionize diecast photography, but it’s a fun thing. There are higher-res options available, but some of the Amazon reviews suggested that these tiny cameras are prone to overheating, and I figured that going with a lower-res option might be safer in that regard, since for my purposes I was much more interested in reliability than resolution.

Of course, any USB camera needs to be used for stuff like this:


Not gonna lie, I did put it in my mouth and up my nose, but I’m not sharing those pics.