You know, the French are weird. Every year in June, race fans around the world look to them as they host one of the biggest races in motorsport. And what do they do? They go and name it after a Pontiac. IJS. Anyway, in the coming days there will be a number of posts featuring LeMans race cars, and this post is no different. But let’s start this post with the car that starts the race: the pace car. Specifically, this is the 1999 “Direction De Course” car, which I believe translates to pace car. UT apparently had a thing for these as they made 5-6 C5 Corvette based pace, safety, and medical cars.

And I can’t show a Corvette pace car without showing a Corvette race car. This one bears its ALMS number, but it also raced LeMans with the same livery and driver lineup. Until next time.