Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Diecast, cars, my life (lifestory time)

So, as most of you guys know me as the blind guy who loves every thing car and truck related.

Id like to share with you guys a little life story.

So what is this life story going to have?

Its going to have books about cars, me not being able to talk yet, my love for cars and hotwheels.


So, lets begin. I started kindergarten at the age of 5 like most kids. Except i was the blind.kid who no one wanted to talk to because i was (4eyes). My teacher, which i still talk to her and respect her...i even have her number. She was like a.mother and teacher who.put a lot of time into teaching me how to do things like write, read, and socialize. Til this day i still don't know how to socialize properly but i try.

My teacher always saw me bring a car with me to class because i loved cars. So she knew i.loved cars. I had a black f150 with glow in the dark under carriage which i loved. Until they stole both of them from my backpack. I cried and got angry. We never found them.


So continuing on how she teaches me how to read. My teacher would take us to the library. She let all the kids roam free. She would grab my hand and ask the librarian where the car books were. The first book she gave me to teach me how to read was a bmw history book. She would read me parts of the book and would help me pronounce the words and form sentences. I fell inlove with the cover of the book which was a red bmw 850csi with mesh wheels. I absolutely love that car. By the time i was done in kindergarten, i finished every car book they had. Porsche, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Lamborghini, Ferrari. I fell in love with European cars at a young age. One of the first words i said in a third language was Bayerische Motoren Wreke.

Every year i was in elementary. I would read autobiographies about Ferunccio Lamborghini, Dale Earnhardt Sn. and Jr. Jeff Gordon as well. I re-read every car book in that library, i even learned to find books by the code.


So all of you are wondering what all this has to do.with anything? Well if it werent for the love of cars, i right now would of known to read and talk.

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