Big things with little cars

It’s been far too long since I last posted here. My apologies for that. But on to real stuff.

First, while not on the level of Uly’s shelf collapse a few months ago, I experienced a bit of a diecast disaster recently.


A massive storm rolled through my area roughly two weeks ago, and because Ryan Homes are cheapskates and installed incredibly low-quality windows in my house, they usually leak in bad rainstorms. This time, the ones right above where I keep my un-DLMed 1:64ths leaked.

I woke up at 12:30 AM to find a large puddle on my carpet below the window and five of my MBX Camo Series cards completely doused. The sixth, as well as a color-changing VW pickup, were slightly wet around the edges. I immediately conducted emergency DLMs on the doused ones with a box cutter as the inside of the plastic had condensation on it and I didn’t feel like opening moldy cars several months later. The cars were fine, but the cards, with their nice art, are now warped badly ( :( ), but luckily, all the other 1:64ths were fine.

On a more positive note, here’s some recent acquisitions:


First off, I found three of the Gran Turismo cars at a Giant, including the Viper I passed on months ago and the Jag I’ve been hunting for. This same Giant also had a 620 and a Fairlady.

Next, all praise to Walmart. Once the most unreliable, unchanging, far-behind store in my area, it now rewarded me with a full set of the Modern Classics, as well as two of the new Forza series and some new MBXs (including a garish pink Chevy Avalanche).


In addition, I attended the Parade of Trabants in DC for the fourth straight year (pics available on my Oppo post), and brought home these two Polizei Trabis. This now brings my diecast Trabant fleet to six.


That’s all for now.

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