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Diecast Expense

How much do you guys spend within a 2 month period? you just prefer not to think about it? I went through my eBay 60 days history and so far have spent $332. I’ve probably spent just as much or even more in the past 2 months through in-store purchases, two trips to toy shows, Craigslist/OfferUp/etc., and HWEPs. Yikes!!!!!

Here’s a snippet of my evilbay purchases.



Here is another project that will likely take me a very long time to finish due to laziness. It is inspired by the Marlboro Toyota MR2

Mr. Bear watches the rain while he waits for the paint to dry.

The air scoop is too big. I’ll need to sand it down to make it smaller and I’ll need to delete that factory wing also.

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