Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

Diecast Musings

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  1. Here’s a dilemma: That Toys ‘r’ Us BRE 370Z NISMO isn’t exactly a car I like, but I’ve already opened it, which sort of kills the value of this even more (considering this was part of a 2-car set I bought online costing Php500, which means the model has depreciated from sticker by about Php50). At the same time, though, this has to still be worth at least the original sticker price, right?
  2. In fact, is selling even a good idea? I feel like I can parley all three of my unopened Tomica AND that TRU Z34 NISMO for individual Tomica that I want more, plus the five 1:32 cars I have sitting in their own glass chest. On the other hand, trades mean I’m leaving money on the table—money I can use to buy up the Tomica Ferrari 4-car set and a few HW or a couple Majorette and Tomica. What’s the more sensible option?
  3. Sometimes I think I’m better off just sending my own cars at a customizer, with specific requirements, and pay them money. But I literally still can’t do even that because I have no cash to pay someone for it. Part of the trepidation with sending my derelict cars for refurbishment or modification is that I at least feel like I have to compensate their time and talent in some way, either with cash or a model per car fixed/modded. I got nothing valuable in return, which isn’t quite cricket any way it’s spun.

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