Big things with little cars

I’m sure some of you are already suggesting color choices to repaint this M1 back to its original form but I’m going to disappoint some of you–maybe.

I just picked up this gem on ebay for 5 duckets, my first diecast purchase online.


I’m in the process of putting out my first mini magazine (zine?) for the iOS app store and I have a picture in mind for the cover. The theme of the first issue is art cars so I was gonna use the Warhol M1 as a centerpiece and recreate it in die cast. Which means I need the base of the car to be white and unfortunately paint over the lovely tri color livery already on there.

So thats what the car looks like finished, my plan is to do some paint splash photography on the car. Hopefully well timed with a couple of droplets hitting at the same time (fingers crossed).


If anyone has any tips or pointers on painting diecast cars I’m all ears. I just plan on getting some paint, taping off small bits and going to work with a brush.

I need to borrow some photography equipment as well because I’m not a pro photographer and I only have a body and two lenses and this requires some flashes and tripods. So it’ll be a couple weeks but hopefully the image turns out okay.

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