My wife and I loaded up our son and took a short, beautiful drive north to Northport Michigan for their annual Cars in the park car show. While we were there I spotted a diecast.

Here is a picture from a distance.

Another highlight was the Alfa Romeo BAT 11 concept. I knew the designer/owner lived in the area, but I had not seen the car up close before. The owner fell in love with the experimental BAT Alfas when he purchased one as a teenager. He had the car well into adulthood. His wife’s cancer diagnosis forced the sale of his beloved Alfa. Later he teamed with Bertone to design a continuation of the BAT series. Resulting in this car based on the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione.


And about this time, my phone died. No pictures of the Lotus Exige, Lotus Esprit S4, Porsche 914/6, a plethora of Hot-Rods, A Porsche Boxter in a classic Speedster disguise, Triumphs, MG’s, Morgans, many, many Corvettes, an AMC AMX, and a BMW 2002 retro racer to name a few.