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Diecast VS Real life: 4

Hello everybody. Time for another set of comparison shots from 1:18 to 1:1. This was a quickie but a goodie. Enjoy!


This was a quicky on a busy day. This is a Hot Wheels 1:18. I was just able to take some pics before calling it a day on a busy Saturday. The next couple of pics are of the 1:18 resting atop an engine used in the Enzo Prototype vehicle. There were 3 Enzo prototype vehicles I believe. They were essentially stretched versions of the 348.


One was used for emissions, the other for chassis development and the last for engine development. We were gifted the latter. Notice that it has different intake runners and full inconel racing headers. This engine makes over 800hp approx., which is more than the 660hp when the production Enzo was released.


thank you for watching

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