Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Digging for fire

www.well, whatever. here’s what’s up. I mostly exclusively corvettes, because I am an adult child, but I just was thinking about all the cars I have actually owned, and I have basically none of them. This post was prompted by my discovery of the ‘72 civic casting. Granted, mine was an ‘83 (dx1500 5-speed, pleebs), and so I am beseeching this most knowledgeable and child shitposting remnant of our baby car culture to see if anyone can point me in the direction of tiny versions of my former vehicles. Bonus points for 1/64!

Listed in order of ownership:

1. 1983 civic 1500dx, hatch, very blue

2. 1986 pontiac grand prix, gold and rust

3. 1993 mercury Sable wagon, silver with a red seat stripe

4. 1986 bmw 325e. Bronzitbeigemetallic (with premium sound!)

5. 1985 alfa Romeo gtv6, black on tan. Bonus points if it comes with an ‘86 that is a literal car of parts. He knew what he had.


6. 1995 Ford Taurus gl. See above.

7. 1974 bmw r60/6

8. 1995 Volvo 850glt wagon

9. 1993 Volvo 240

10. 1993 volvo 245

11. 1996 subaru impreza outback

12. 1989 bmw 325i shitbox automatic fuckthatcar

13. 2004 pontiac gp

14 1986 hyundai excel gl ugh

15. 1989? Pontiac le mans. Just for me to kill again and again.

Juse hoping some poor company has castings of these.

Sorry. Rant/brain rummage over. Back to your scheduled tarmac works and autoarts.

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