Sup everyone? I’ve been looking at all your stories and got inspired. I dug up all my hotwheels new and old. I have a ton more 1:64. But they’re different brands. I’ll save it for later. There are even some “custom” must have been inspired with a sharpie as a 12 year old.

This is the car that started it all. The 2001 Ward Burton Dodge #22. They do not make Nascar HW Anymore.

All the rest of the HW collection lined up by Murrican, Dodge Charger, Art Cars, Italian, British, and JDM.




Dodge Charger. I have the most of these. My favorite car as a kid.



German, I should just say Porsche.

Aston Martin



Fantasy, art cars 

Probably spent an hour or so finding these. Half an hour just looking for the Lambo Revention. It’s difficult to keep a collection nice when you’re back and forth, to and from school. It also really sucks moving 3 times within a year and a quarter of graduation. Really do not reccomend that garbage. Hoping to get out and explore the local wal-fart and target stores for more today. Used to hit up Toys R Us too, but that’s kaput. I’m also gonna try the grocery store. Believe it or not, some do have treasures.