Hi everyone. Tonight I’ve schedueled the 2014 Kyle Larson Liquid Color night edition Chevy SS to go out. This one was added to the collection this summer. I waited and waited and missed out on the standard finish. So I figured this is probably the last oppoutunity to have it. 100% worth it for sure. Liquid Color is a slightly metallic base color, so in this case the white is metallic. Hopefully the pictures do it some sort of justice. This one happened to be number 9 of only 60. The yellow stripe indicates that it was a rookie car. Sort of the pledgeship of Nascar 😎. Anyone who has watched Kyle Larson race knows he gets a ton of speed when he runs close to the wall. I’ve never seen anyone do it like him. He’s one of my favorites of the “youth movement” in Nascar. Still waiting for him to win this season, but he’s a great driver and fun to watch.