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Dinky Moskvitch restoration

A while back I picked up a pretty beat up Moskvitch 408 diecast made by Dinky in the 70's. The model was in a pretty poor condition. Paint was chipped all over the body and it was missing a hood. The glass, interior and all four wheels were intact and in good shape.

Usually I am not into restorations because it pretty much dimishes any value the model previously had. Seeing how this model was already in pretty poor condition I didn’t have much to lose.

This is what I had to work with.


I disassembled it, washed all the parts then stripped the body of original paint.

I didn’t bother sourcing the original hood. One of my USSR Moskvitches that was starting to succumb to zinc pest donated the hood. French and Soviet models are so similar that the hood only required to be slightly filed on the sides in order to fit.

Since I wasn’t concerned with authenticity, I didn’t go through the trouble of finding the original paint. Instead, I ransacked the local auto parts store for a closest looking match.

Here is the end result, pictured next to an unrestored version of the model. As you can see the original color is darker than what I used. Never the less, I think it turned out alright.


Also, a detailing tip. Sharpie sells permanent markers in silver which work great for detailing small parts like bumpers and wheels.


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